Unverified Commit 57051e09 authored by PhoeniX's avatar PhoeniX

EFI pagetable init fixes

parent cdf16204
......@@ -204,8 +204,8 @@ namespace EFI {
Status EFIAPI(*const GetMemoryMap)(
uint64_t *MemoryMapSize, MemoryDescriptor *MemoryMap, uint64_t *MapKey, uint64_t *DescriptorSize,
uint32_t *DescriptorVersion);
const void *AllocatePool;
const void *FreePool;
Status EFIAPI(*const AllocatePool)(MemoryType MemoryType, uint64_t size, void **Address);
Status EFIAPI(*const FreePool)(void *Address);
const void *CreateEvent;
const void *SetTimer;
const void *WaitForEvent;
......@@ -135,7 +135,6 @@ void ACPI::ParseApic(const Madt *madt) {
Pagetable::map(header + 1);
uint16_t type = header->type;
uint16_t length = header->length;
if (type == 0) {
const ApicLocalApic *s = reinterpret_cast<const ApicLocalApic*>(p);
acpiCpuIds[acpiCpuCount++] = s->apicId;
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