Unverified Commit d6d7926f authored by PhoeniX's avatar PhoeniX

Write module name/pid in ioprovide

parent 08a1f640
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ static void syscall_kread(void *out, const void *kaddr, size_t size) {
static void syscall_ioprovide(const char *path, const void *ptr) {
Process *process = ProcessManager::getManager()->currentProcess();
char *str = process->readString(uintptr_t(path));
printf("ioprovide [%p] [%s]\n", ptr, str);
printf("ioprovide [%s(%#lx) / %p] [%s]\n", process->getName(), process->getId(), ptr, str);
delete str;
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